The Manifesto:

StudioBuild started with the idea that integrating the process of designing and building is the best method of project delivery. StudioBuild's hands on process is a method that evolves with each new project type. With an extensive construction background and on going relationships within the field, we feel that in order to properly serve our clients it is best to take the traditional Architect as Master Builder role. Spending time working out a design and the process of construction with our own hands in addition to thinking them out conceptually on paper.

Currently we are in the process of becoming licensed Architects, a process that started at Kansas State University College of Architecture, followed then with internships at several Kansas City Architecture firms. Now that we have completed the internship process we are studying and preparing to take the licensure exams.

Our wide range of experience and interest spans many forms of design and construction. We are interested in any project type or scale, no project is too large or too small. We are comfortable working on everything from your entire house, your kitchen, your kitchen table, to your kitchen sink. We like remodels, new construction, furniture design, and landscape design. So if you have a project in mind and want to have some fun with the design build process please contact us.


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