Taking it to Another Level

I wish I could say that I've been slacking the past couple of weeks. The reality is that I've spent the past couple of weeks building a new and better blog. I felt if I wanted to take studiobuild to another level an improved website was a must. I've spent the last couple of weeks customizing a wordpress.org blog to fit the format I like. I've added more content, bigger pictures, and much more information about me and studiobuild and what this thing is all about. In a few weeks this blog will just redirect to my new site, in the time being if you currently link to this site please change your links to help me with my transition. The new site is www.studiobld.com please check the site out and let me know if you find any bugs.

In other news I will be featured in the House & Home Section of the Kansas City Star this Sunday. So run to the newstands!


WDB Project; Wrapping Up

A trip last week to wrap up the details in Wichita. The project is 95% percent done. The clients decided to go ahead and have me build the upper wall cabinet now, we had postponed this portion of the project due to the budget but now that all the numbers are in I have the go ahead to build and install it. Here are some pics more to follow once the room is furnished. More photos available on my flickr site.


WDB Project; Lights are In

Received and email with some pictures from the client showing the progress. A few pics of the lights installed. There will be a opaque diffuser installed to finish off the lights. Currently the tile is being installed and grouted. I'll be travelling down to finish up all of the Studio Build projects this week and touch up any areas that need attention.


Wichita Design Build Project

This week I loaded up a trailer and headed to Wichita to do some installation on the bar and the ceiling. After three long days a lot of progress was made. We installed the bar and the the supporting wall, installed all of the support work for the ceiling and framed in all of the light cavities. Most of the work was done in Kansas City and I brought it down and assembeled on site. The pictures are a little lacking not a lot of lights in yet along with a lot of dust in the air doesn't lead to good photos.


Wichita Design Build Project - progress

Progress is flying along. I should be installing the rest of the Studiobuild pieces in another week. Justin sent us some pics of the cabinets installed.


KCHD Awards Gold Award

I got one award put together to photograph for the upcoming issue of Kansas City Home Design. I can't show all sides since it shows one of the winners so these photos will have to do for now. Photo's by Bob Greenspan Photography.


Kansas City Home Design | Design Excellence Awards

Studiobuild has been hired to build a series of 54 awards for Kansas City Home Design magazine's Design Excellence Awards. Initially the project was viewed as an easy simple project, however we failed to realize the complexities involved integrating the text involved with an award with a form that can be replicated that many times. Studiobuild also entered a few projects so there is a chance we may be building awards for ourself, nothing like a little pressure. The awards are constructed of a concrete base (it helps having a concrete guru available to help) with a solid walnut cap. The pic is from the first run of pouring the bases.