We have been getting several request for small scale project consultation. Its a really unique service that we are adding to our arsenal. I low cost quick consultation that helps you solve your problems. Often times people hesitate to hire someone for advice it is expensive to go through the entire design process. More often than not a little small scale design intervention will greatly impact a space.

It is a simple process that usually begins with an email to us that says something to the effect of help me with a little design project. It can be a piece of furniture you need help building or buying, a quick landscape design question, or even a home remodeling question. Every project is different and for an inexpensive fee we provide design insight, product expertise, and construction experience.

With Spring officially sprung here are a couple of landscape projects we have worked on in the past few weeks.
A new client asked us to do a quick design study of their existing home and help develop an overall plan for the updating of the exterior of their home. The client is handling the landscape installation on their own, we were strictly their for ideas and expertise. After a few meetings and some light design work we came up with a design plan for reworking their front landscaping a new color scheme for the house to tie everything together.

A previous client wished to clean up and landscape his front yard before a party coming up in a few weeks. Studio Build is going to be working on the installation so a quick sketch showing the design intent to get him to sign off was required. A little bit of work in sketchup was all that was needed to move forward. More pictures in the coming weeks.


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