Mantle Installation

On Memorial Day I decided to make a 13 hour workday and take the trip to Wichita to install the mantle. Installation had a few minor issues but nothing a little time and a little fine tuning couldn't handle.
The fireplace before the install. Luckily the previous mantle had the blocking installed in the masonry so that helped to anchor the new mantle.
A shot of the future bar area, drywall is done waiting on Ikea cabinets and paint.


Loading up the Mantle for delivery.

Some pics of the mantle after I got it sprayed with Lacquer. The green stripe is just masking tape, but I really like the way it looks. That stripe will be painted, once we decide on the color.


Solid Walnut Mantle

The mantle for Wichita is taking shape fast. One more day and it will be ready for installation, I plan on making the trip and doing the install on Monday. The form is very simple as well as the method of construction, the trickiest part of the project is taking every precautionary measure in assembly to allow the wood to expand and contract with the seasons. Since it is a mantle it will have wide quick changes in moisture level and that could lead to splitting or warping.


re_lume chair

Finally made it by to take some pics of the re_lume chair at Urbana. Mind you these are not fancy studio pics and the chairs don't even have all of the coats of finish on them. But this should give you and idea of the final form. As soon as I get a set of six done I'll be getting some studio photos taken of them.


Recycled Chair

A hectic week preparing for the gallery opening at Urbana last week. I struggled with the chair design for most of the week, but in typical fashion pulled things together with just enough time to get it all done.
I worked through the design at full scale with some scrap Maple I had on hand. I tried to document the entire process, but as I got more crunched for time I forgot to photo the stages.
Rotated the legs a bit, changed the taper on the seats. I really struggled with the seat.
I skipped about a days worth of frustration with the pics. Taking the chair apart cutting carving glueing. Then I realized that I had to start the final chairs or I wouldn't have time to finish. So here is a pic of the Mahogany glued up for the seat and back of one chair.
Then magically they completed themselves and loading up in the truck ready for delivery. I'll be taking better pictures in a few days check back for some details of the chair.