Taking it to Another Level

I wish I could say that I've been slacking the past couple of weeks. The reality is that I've spent the past couple of weeks building a new and better blog. I felt if I wanted to take studiobuild to another level an improved website was a must. I've spent the last couple of weeks customizing a wordpress.org blog to fit the format I like. I've added more content, bigger pictures, and much more information about me and studiobuild and what this thing is all about. In a few weeks this blog will just redirect to my new site, in the time being if you currently link to this site please change your links to help me with my transition. The new site is www.studiobld.com please check the site out and let me know if you find any bugs.

In other news I will be featured in the House & Home Section of the Kansas City Star this Sunday. So run to the newstands!


WDB Project; Wrapping Up

A trip last week to wrap up the details in Wichita. The project is 95% percent done. The clients decided to go ahead and have me build the upper wall cabinet now, we had postponed this portion of the project due to the budget but now that all the numbers are in I have the go ahead to build and install it. Here are some pics more to follow once the room is furnished. More photos available on my flickr site.


WDB Project; Lights are In

Received and email with some pictures from the client showing the progress. A few pics of the lights installed. There will be a opaque diffuser installed to finish off the lights. Currently the tile is being installed and grouted. I'll be travelling down to finish up all of the Studio Build projects this week and touch up any areas that need attention.