Wichita Design Build Project

I was hired a few months ago for what is probably the official first Design/Build job. I've done many projects in the last few months with some design with a lower case d. This is the first job that the Design/Build process is starting with Design with a capitol D. The project is in Wichita, Kansas working for an awesome client. The recently purchased a large Mid Century Modern home that had an unflattering addition put on sometime in the 80's. So the first phase of the project is to remodel the existing Bar and make it work cohesively with the living room of the home. Here are some images of the design in the Schematic Design phase. The ideas were expressed and the client loved the direction the project is taking. They even said one of the nicest compliments I've heard in a while, "wow we never would have thought of doing that" The design will be resolved in the next month so more images will follow, construction is slated to start next spring.

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