Busy Weekend

Had a very busy weekend of work. Bob Greenspan was kind enough to give me a little of his time on Sunday to take some really nice pictures of the Ipe Planters.


Exciting News

Just got out of a meeting with James Reves at Urbana Modern Furniture Studio, looks like studio build is going to have a few pieces on display next friday. Its the second First Friday event of the year in the Crossroads Art District of KC, should be a really fun and cool time. The pieces will be for sale. Keep checking back next week for updates of what will be in the gallery.


Landscaping update

Wrapped up the finishing touches on the landscaping project. Just waiting for the planter parts to get back from the powdercoating and galvanizing.


Planter Mock Up

Finally got all the pieces for the planter and assembled one to work out issues. Obviously I tweaked a few things and I'm going to have to have the end panels trimmed so they sit down flush. Decided to have the ends powdercoated, and the brackets galvanized. So looks like finished planters won't be around till the end of next week.


Mantle Joint

Slowly making progress on the mantle in the midst of trying to get the planters built. I detail of the corner of the mantle test fitting.


Planter Update

I've been busy the last few days working out the details of the planters. Working with local artist Robert Stel on the steel bracket fabrication. He's a wizard with metal, we've been working on several options for the steel, cold rolled, hot rolled, bent, welded. Looks like we've got all the details figured out and I should be getting the brackets this weekend. I'm really excited I think they are going to turn out really nice.