Walnut Platform Bed

Recently I completed the construction of a Walnut platform bed. After searching and searching and being unhappy with the availablity of a reasonably priced bed that was constructed with quality hardwoods. I decided to design and build one for myself, the process was drawn out over several months and worked on between various other jobs. The design of the bed went through many variations and ultimately changed during the actual construction of the bed. I think of design as a fluid process and often the best design decisions occur mid construction.
This was the design of the bed when construction commenced.
A photo during construction in the shop.


Retro Inferno Record Storage

This project is a custom designed record storage unit for Rod Parks, owner of Retro Inferno here in Kansas city. Retro inferno is Kansas City's premier shop for mid century modern furnishings, so as you can imagine he has pretty decent taste. These photos are of the finished product. The piece is made up of individual units allowing it to be arranged and re-arranged many times to produce a new form. The shell of each unit is constructed of Baltic birch plywood with the back being walnut plywood. This allowed for a nice contrast in color and created a great backing for Rod's collection of Nelson clocks. You can see more images of this project in this months issue of Kansas City Spaces magazine.


First Project Completed!

Work wrapped up on the Castillian Project a few weeks ago. The rotted beams were removed and replaced followed by some caulk and paint. The before and after pictures don't really show how much work was done since we just replaced the beams. Around the new pavers we hand shoveled in about 9 tons of Dakota River Rock. As with any project a few hurdles jumped in our way but we worked past them and ended up fixing a few electrical issues along with our project.